Steak Education

Aged for extra tenderness, seasoned with signature Keg spices and done to your liking every single time. We’ve been grilling our legendary steaks for over 50 years and have always put quality first. Learn more about the various cuts you can find on our menu below.

Prime Rib

Slow roasted over the course of 6-8 hours, The Keg’s Prime Rib is the Hero of our steak offerings. Well marbled and juicy, our roasts are cooked to a succulent medium rare but can be cooked up to your favourite doneness. Prime Rib has the perfect blend of flavour and tenderness to ensure a decadent Keg experience.


Known for being juicy and flavourful, ample care goes into a Keg sirloin. We break down the sirloin muscle into different segments to maximize the eating experience of every steak. The Keg sirloin is served in a variety of sizes – 6, 8 and 12 oz., as well as our thickest steak, the 12 oz. Baseball Sirloin – so thick it can only be cooked to medium rare!


The most tender and lean of all the steaks, every filet is centre cut and wrapped in our smoked bacon to ensure maximum flavour. The filet comes from the least hardworking muscle, which gives it that wonderful texture that many guests love.


Also known as the “king of steaks”, the striploin is a blend of flavour and tenderness that has the best of both worlds. The Keg specifies a minimum thickness on all New York steaks to ensure the best , juicy cut for every guest. Well marbled and highly flavourful , New Yorks give a steak experience that cannot be missed!

Rib Steak

The largest and most impressive cut on The Keg menu is the Rib Steak. From the same muscle as our famous Prime Rib, the Rib Steak is 20 oz. of bone-in flavour, which has two distinct parts – 1) The “eye”, or the centre of the steak, is a flavourful and juicy eating experience, and 2) The star of the show is the smaller muscle that surrounds the eye, also known as a “spinalis”, which is a well-marbled and succulent blast of flavour.