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Current Locations

With 105 locations, The Keg can be found all across Canada, and in Washington, Colorado, Texas and Arizona in the United States. For a new location to be considered, a minimum population of 250K is required.

Keg stipulations for a new site

Although The Keg must give final approval, you are responsible for site selection. The Keg will assist in finding the best site possible. The detailed site criteria that we have compiled will help contribute to the success of your Keg restaurant.

Length of time for approvals and building

The application process is generally 2 - 6 weeks. Once approved, the time frame to opening day will depend on whether it is a conversion of an existing restaurant or a new construction. This can take from 3 - 12 months, and will depend largely on the time required for building and liquor permit applications in your jurisdiction.

Acquisition Cost & Ongoing Fees

  • Initial investment to acquire a license to operate a Keg franchise is approximately $75,000 (subject to change)
  • Total investment will vary based on the scale and location of the project
  • Ongoing royalty fee is 6% of gross sales (as of 2024)
  • Annual marketing fee is 2% of gross sales (as of 2024)

Additional Information

How to Qualify

Regions & Multiple Locations

Approvals & Next Steps

If you wish to investigate The Keg opportunity further, please complete the Confidential Qualification Report. Once your qualification is determined, you will be contacted for an interview and will receive a disclosure package to inform your business decisions. Please print or download the qualification report, complete the information and email to Franchising@kegrestaurants.com. We thank you for your interest in our franchise opportunities.